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How to have someone sectioned Granby

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How to have someone sectioned Granby

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There are different kinds of section which last different lengths of time, but they are all set out and only applied in certain conditions. Mental health treatment is one of the toughest secgioned of medicine - and it can be even tougher when the person concerned does not realise they need some help. For that reason there is a system known as sectioning which, when need be, allows medical professionals who have interviewed and assessed a Hoow to use the law to get them treatment and support.

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When can someone be sectioned? Granby

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What does being sectioned mean? Granby

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Someone can be sectioned if three people involved in t Mental Health Act Assessment agree the person needs to be detained in hospital - usually this includes an approved mental health professional, such as a social worker, and two doctors.

How does someone get sectioned under the Mental Health Act and what does it mean?

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